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The Importance of Door Hardware to Security

High-security door hardware can be the ideal option for
you if you’re worried about security in your property, but
also want to spend less money. This type of hardware has
a lot of benefits over other forms of locks.

Reduce Costs in the Long Run

The main advantage of high-security door hardware is they’re almost impossible to pick. This is because they use a complex process of key cutting, which creates angled cuts in the lock that are extremely hard to force open by picking. Because of this, your property can prevent expenses associated with theft, which can be financially draining.

Of course, if a determined burglar can just drill out the lock, a pick-resistant lock isn’t useful. This is why all door hardware comes with housings that are drill resistant. This prevents the locks from being detached from the doors. Aside from reducing theft, this feature also means you will not face the cost of replacing broken locks with new ones.

Tailored to Meet Your Needs

If you’ve got certain specifications for your door lock system, it does not mean that you cannot take advantage of the most secure door locks in the industry. We offer door hardware that is highly customizable. They can be customized to meet the needs of your property. You can even tailor every system to meet certain demands if you want to secure several locations. 

Reset Locks

How many times have you had to replace your lock just because the keys are stolen or lost? If you have high-security door hardware, you don’t have to replace your locks anymore. Whenever a key is stolen or lost, you can easily reset the locks. This means that any person who tries to use the stolen or lost key will still have no access to your property. On the other hand, the other keys can be updated. Thus, authorized individuals can continue enjoying uninterrupted access to your property. 

Not Able to Be Copied

Knowing that you’ve given out keys that can’t be copied, you can easily rest at night. To create a duplicate key, the locksmith will require a unique machine. Thus, employees, tenants, or others simply cannot run to the nearest key shop and ask for duplicates. 

A lot of this high-security door hardware needs a security card that shows the locksmith you’ve got the authority to ask for a duplicate key. This will make sure that you know how many keys are there and who has the keys. Oftentimes, to track the keys, you can use a cloud-based system. This is for you to know who has the key and which doors can they access. 

This is the best option for landlords. Whenever a tenant moved out, a landlord will know if they have all the keys returned. Thus, they do not have to rekey the lock whenever there is a new tenant moving in. It will save money and time and keeps the property safe.

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