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Mailbox Lock Replacement Service

Mailboxes are necessary in every residential buildings to keep
every information safe and protected against unwanted people.
And although mailboxes do not always contain pricey objects,
thievery is still common involving mailboxes, and perhaps the
scariest thing of all is identity theft. Mailbox locks are designed
with a strong sense of security, but there are still many reasons
why they can be compromised. One is old age. Just like
many objects in the world, time can make mailboxes
rusty and therefore, weak.

Corrosion is the main problems of metals and locks is not an exception of it. Second is improper maintenance. Do you know that mailbox locks can accumulate dirts for a long time? If they are not taken care of regularly, dirts can build up and will be harder to clean off with the usual cleaning agents. Third is break-in attempts. If your mailbox has experienced being picked on or smacked by a hard object, it can weaken its security and even though the first attempt wasn’t successful, second attempt might be easier to open it. Locksmith Stone Mountain GA is at your service covering a mailbox lock replacement. We’re available to assist you 24/7 so if you need to replace your mailbox lock right away, we’ll have our best people for you!
Mailbox Lock Replacement Service

Your Most Trusted Local Mailbox
Lock Replacement Service

Another reason (other than what we mentioned above ) why you need to
replace your mailbox is lost or stolen keys. Misplacing your keys for your
mailbox definitely need to be attended right away because there’s a
possibility that a thief has it. While replacing keys is also a viable solution,
it’s not always the proper thing to do if another person also has it. Locksmith
Stone Mountain GA will advise you for a lock replacement.

We’ll travel to your location and drill out your old mailbox lock, install the
new lock, and give you the keys in as fast as 30 minutes.

Full-range of Mailbox Lock Replacement Service

We deal with all kinds of mailbox locks. Whether it’s a tenant door lock, tenant combination lock, tenant parcel locker lock, master commercial lock, resettable combination lock, thumb latch, T-handle lock, and pin-tumbler lock, we have the same lock in-store using the most trusted brands! These locks work with post-mounted mailbox, wall mailbox, and rack mailbox, ensuring you an unyielding protection for your mails and bills.

Be informed that if your mailbox is made by USPS, only the USPS can replace them, otherwise a locksmith like the Locksmith Stone Mountain GA will be a great help.

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Each type of lock has different patterns and therefore need a different way to be opened and changed. If you want to know how much is your mailbox going to cost, call us today and we’ll give you an estimation free of charge. Our mailbox replacement service is one of the most affordable ones in Georgia, and we are sure to give our customers a cost-effective solution.

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