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How to Improve Mobile Home Security

From a home security standpoint, mobile houses provide unique
issues. Usually, they don’t have the durable construction that
traditional homes do. Also, frames, windows, and doors are
more possibly to have weaknesses. The size of the lot where the
mobile house sits on differs. However, bigger lots usually mean
fewer possible witnesses nearby if a burglar tries to break into
the house. Mobile homes are known for being more
cost-effective and economical. This means that you may
not have the means to buy a complete security system.
But, in making your mobile house more protected,
you do have options.


Every exterior door in a mobile house certainly should be fitted with deadbolts. A lot of units include only knob locks. However, that isn’t enough. Compared to the trauma and cost of having your possessions stolen and your house violated, deadbolts are worth the extra costs. Also, this is why door frames require sturdy constructions. Deadbolts offer no protection at all if it is installed in a weak or hollow frame. This is because when force is applied to it, the frame itself goes limp. This makes the deadbolt worthless. 

In addition to that, window and door jammers are also handy for adding extra durability to your border for an affordable price. 

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors in mobile houses are often subject to warping from either water exposure or heat. This makes mobile homes easy to break in. examine every door and window in your mobile home. You have to ensure they snugly fit into the frames. Aside from that, also examine the frames to make sure there are no breaks or gaps in the construction. If you found one, you have to replace or repair them.

Neighborhood Watch

If you do not have one yet, communicate with your neighbors about creating a neighborhood watch. Keep a lookout in your area and be wary of what is happening on the property of your neighbors, aside from yourself. Report any activity that’s suspicious to the police department. Neighborhood watch offers possible burglars something to think about before attempting to cause issues where you live.

Extra Measures

Think about investing in a safe to make your valuables and personal documents more secured. The bigger the safe, the more difficult it is to get it out of your mobile home. Also, this secures your valuables against natural calamities or fire. When it comes to protecting your mobile home from damage, smoke detectors are also important. 

When you’re not home, use timers on your lights to provide the impression that someone is inside. A timer will turn your lights off and on at certain times, even when you are away. 

From a cost standpoint, a security system with monitoring service might be out of the question. However, there are still home alarms that do not include monitoring. These systems are effective and affordable. They are easy to install. Thus, you can easily improve the security of your mobile home.

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