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Do I Need A High Security Door Lock?

Today, more and more individuals are interested in a more secure
and better lock for their business
or house, with all the information
about how to pick and drill locks that’s available online. Thus high-
security locks are becoming more and more common for both
commercial and residential use.

High-security locks are locks that are harder to pick and/or drill.
In addition, they also offer a restricted keyway of the keys. This
makes it much more difficult to duplicate.

There are tons of other benefits of using the high-security
door locks. This includes resetting the lock system, having
lower costs in the long run and getting tight security.

Hard to Duplicate

Today, it’s a piece of cake to duplicate keys for ordinary locks, and that is what worries people the most. However, this issue is solved with the high-security door locks.

The keys utilized for high-security door locks have a special patented design that isn’t available for others to be duplicated. With this, your business and home are very safe.

In addition to that, only a licensed and professional security locksmith can duplicate these keys. This means that if you lose them, you will not have to worry too much.

Tailored For Your Needs

If you’ve got certain needs for your door lock system, this does not mean you can’t take advantage of the most secure door locks on the market. There are a lot of high-security locks out there that can be tailored to meet the needs of your home or office. You can even personalize every system to meet the certain demands of the individual working environment if you need to secure multiple locations.

Bump-Proof and Pick-Proof

Almost every common lock can be bumped-open since these locks only have 5 pins. Bump keys are sold online and can be utilized to bump open any ordinary lock found at a hardware store. Most high-security locks have telescopic pins. Thus, they’re bump-resistant.

The regular deadbolt sold at a hardware store can be easily picked open by a set of pick tools that anyone can purchase online. That is a scary thought. High-security locks by can’t be picked-open since they’ve got telescopic pins.

Difficult to Tamper With

High-security door locks offer you with a lot of benefits over regular keys, and one of them is the ability to be tamper-proof. A great high-security locksmith can offer you with heavy-duty locks that have a special mechanism that only connects with the pins in your keys.

This makes it extremely hard for the burglar to quickly break your lock and thus you can secure your home or business place from getting robbed.

Save Money in the Long Run

Though high-security locks might cost a bit more at the start, they will save money over the long-term. You will not have to worry about replacing locks as frequent and fixing damaged locks after a break-in. If you let your provider know you have installed this type of lock, you may even save money on your property insurance.

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