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Car Lockout / Locked Keys in Car

Car owners once in a while are facing a problem regarding
their car lockout or having locked their keys in car. If this
happens, the most viable solution is to call Locksmith Stone
GA, your trusted locksmith in Georgia. Our service
is available for your convenience 24/7, that means that when
you are calling at 12am and having this kind of emergency,
we can respond to you right away. Save our number at
678-509-6804 and we’ll get our best auto locksmith
in your location for as quickly as 15 minutes
upon your first call.

Affordable and Effective Car Lockout Service

If you have car lockout or you locked your keys in your car and you don’t have an extra key to open it, our auto technicians just know what the right techniques to do to open your car door without causing any damage to it. We offer our car services at a low price, and this means that you don’t have to call your car dealer and have your car taken for 3 to 5 days before it gets done. We personally go to your location and operate the unlocking process for an hour at most or less depending on the type of locks we are dealing with.

Car Lockout

Unlock All Kinds of Car Locks

Owners who are facing car lockouts or are accidentally locked keys
in their car have to prepare these requirements before our operation.
This is to guarantee that you have the legal rights to give us the
permission to unlock your car doors.

  1. VIN or vehicle identification number must be prepared beforehand.
    You can find this written on the dashboard on the driver’s side or
    at the door post.
  2. Registration details of the car. We will be needing this information to
    see if the car is legally registered by the owner’s name. We do not operate
    on unregistered cars.
  3. Owner’s identification details. We will have to look at your I.D and compare
    it with the car’s registration details to see if the car is registered to you. If
    you are not the owner of the vehicle and were only tasked to have it
    repaired, we’ll need to get an authorization letter from the owner with
    his/her signature.
Car Lockout

Why this trouble to open a car? Well, this is regulated by us to ensure that we do not help thieves open their stolen cars for them. This is to guarantee safety and protection for the real car owners.

We operate on these types of car locks:

  • Manual locks or the basic type of car locks that use a pull and push knob button to lock and unlock,
  • Automatic door locks use a pin pad to be secured,
  • Remote keyless entry system, the most common car lock type we have today, uses a remote which consists of a button or a specific distance in order for the car to be opened,
  • Child safety locks which is installed at the back car door, is used to keep children safe against accidental opening and closing.

Call us today if you need help with all these kinds of lock.

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